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Yoga-Meditation is a process of concentrating mind for peace which helps us to keep out of stress and produce calm and having a happy or free life. Yoga-Meditation is a simple practice that can everybody did, with the help of Yoga meditation it helps you to reduce stress and produce your calmness and gives a feeling of happiness in our life.

YogaMeditation helps us to connect our minds with our bodies. Yoga-Meditation is like learning any other skill. Think of it like exercising a muscle that you’ve never really worked out before. It requires some time to get you to a comfortable zone with the mind. There might be setbacks along the way but that’s part of meditating. Keep practicing.


YogaMediation is a part of yoga, which is a necessary or beginning step of yoga. meditation is a practice that gives you joy and happiness. we are producing an environment that is compulsory for experiencing a state of free and happy mind.

In this process of Yoga-meditation, we have to focus on our minds and put our minds to relax a free position to feel peace or calm. In the meditation process, we must have free and empty our brain or mind to concentrate. If we got success in meditation then we found a new way to live our life.

Yoga-Meditation feels pleasure to mind the body and also soul, and if we control these three sources like mind, body and soul, then we achieve or handle success in life.

Yoga-Meditation is not easy but either it is not so difficult. The only thing we have to do is to go on that state of position where our mind feels neutral like breath.

In beginning for new commerce its a little bit hard because our mind is fulfilled with many thoughts, things. So we have first to remove all the overcome, stress, tension and unnecessary things to control the Yoga meditation. But at proper practice we can achieve that, only it takes some effort and mental concentrate.

But once you control Yoga-meditation then things go easy for you.

Yoga-Meditation has also a special impact in terms of spiritual power according to hind ism philosophy.

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After achieving control on Yoga-Meditation you got so many benefits of its like

1. peace and calm

2. sharp mind

3. memory improvement

4. increasing concentrate power

5. stress less mind

6. control over the body

7. improve mental strength

8. improve physical or mental health

There are many forms or types of Yoga-Meditation.

1.Anapana. It is a part of Vipassana Yoga-Meditation. anapana Yoga-Meditation newly comes in light for the first time introduced By Gautama Buddha in India.

Well, coming to the in Anapana Yoga -meditation the technique used is first you need to is to focus at your normal breath at that time while the breath maintains equanimity. Anapana Yoga meditation is like not similar to pranayama where you control your breath as you do it in Pranayam.

2.vipasanna . in this kind of Vipassana Yoga meditation you all need is to do concentrate on your senses and controls it. and watch to see and feels the natural beauty through your senses. Vipassana Yoga meditation is taught by the great Buddha.

3.Dynamic. Dynamic Yoga -Meditation is a type of Yoga-Meditation in which you have to involve your all physical actions. this dynamic Yoga meditation is based on physical activity.

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Basically, there are many techniques found for Yoga-Meditation which are listed below

1.spiritual Yoga-Meditation. Spiritual is a type of meditation where the mindful practice is to require to connect with our inner core of the soul. spiritual Yoga -Meditation is used in many religions like Hinduism and Christian. It produces silence and calms around you to see a connection between our soul or god or universe through our vision.

2.mindfulness Yoga-meditation. in this form of mindfulness, you need to give attention to your thought which is going around your mind, and you have to control your thought and emotion and you also have to neglect this kind of thought during this. you must need to concentrate on your thoughts when they pass through your mind. This practice is used to combines concentration with awareness. You have to find it helpful to focus an object or thing like your breath and feel your breath and neglect other things like any sensation any thought or any kind of feeling.

3.movement Yoga-Meditation. as the name indicates movement is referred to like the moves made by our body. this movement includes such movement as walking on the wood, walking in the garden, and any other activity related to the movement. this is a form of Yoga meditation where your movement guides you.

for that person who wants peace in there work and action, the movement Yoga-Meditation is a better way to get this.

4.focused Yoga -Meditation. our body has five types of senses. this focused Yoga Meditation has required any sense from five senses for concentrating. you can be focused on your breath which is internal. Focused Yoga -Meditation helps you with concentration power by using any of the five senses. it gives you a way to pay attention to yourself.

5. Mantra Yoga-Meditation

Mantra Yoga-Meditation is teaching in many traditions like including Hindu and Buddhist traditions. in this mantra Yoga-Meditation, you have to repeat sound to clean or clear your mind. you can repeat such words or sound like the one most popular “om”.

6. Transcendental Yoga-Meditation

this Transcendental is the most popular Yoga-Meditation around all the world, and it is also the most studied meditation by the scientist. transcendental Yoga-Meditation is more customize compare to the mantra meditation.

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This type of Yoga-Meditation is for those who are serious about there Yoga meditation practice.

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