What is the Pranayama

According to the Naturopathy Center in Rishikesh, Pranayama is given the right meaning.
Prana means breathing and ayama means control. Pranayama means control of lifeAnd vital forces of the body. Pranayama starts with the regulation of breath and ends in. That is where your whole pranayama starts.
To establish complete and complete control over life-currents or internal vital forces. In other words,

Pranayama is the perfect control of life-streams through the regulation of breath. Like breathing
Electricity is a gross life. By establishing control over gross life, you can easily gain control

According to Rishikesh, you can take full advantage of it in Rishikesh.
Pranayama is the fourth part of Ashtanga Yoga.

In Naturopathy it is believed from all ancient and herbal substance that it is said that Prana is the oldest, it starts working from the moment the child is conceived.

Special residences, ie, ears, etc., are formed. Pran is said to be the oldest and the best
In contrast, body parts such as hearing, and so forth, begin to function only when their

Upanishads because it conquered the battle between the mind and the five limbs. Finally
The mind and the five limbs unanimously proclaim: “O master! Hey soul Supporters of this universe
And supporter of our lives, first born! Praise for you! You are truly great.

Not depart from this body. We will serve you We accept your superiority.
You can take full knowledge of all this in Rishikesh.
It acts even when the mind is absent during deep sleep.

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Prana is the link between physical and subtle bodies. When thin thread-like
The soul is cut off, the astral body is separated from the physical body. Death is the result. Prana is the word that can be experienced in some way or the other. You will get to experience everything in Rishikesh.

The Naturopathy Center gives you knowledge of everything very soon.
What was working in the physical body is withdrawn into the subtle body.
The sum of the Rajasic part of the five subtle elements is prana.
There are five, 16 in number and separately the action of hands and other four organs. Five parts

The action lies in the pranamaya kosha (vital air sheath).
Prana digests food, transforms it into eagle and blood and sends it to the brain and brain.
The mind is capable of contemplating itself.

Types of pranayama

Rishikesh is a place which is in ancient form, it gives you the best experience.
The sages of ancient India discovered some breathing procedures that relieved the body and mind from stress. These procedures can be stomach emptied at any time of the day. Let us see which process is useful under which circumstances:

Naturopathy center Rishikesh has given some types of pranayama.
Bhramari pranayama
Kapalbhati Pranayama
Vascular purification pranayama

Bhramari Pranayama

If your mind is distracted by taking something, or if you are unable to take your mind off anyone’s talk, then you should do Bhramari Pranayam. This procedure is very beneficial for the people suffering from the said blood pressure.

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Kapalbhati Pranayama

Kapalabhati Pranayama is suitable for opening blockages of the pulse. This process is also suitable for detoxification of the body.
If you are feeling less energetic then do three rounds of Bhastrika Pranayama – you will find yourself full of power immediately.

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Vascular purification pranayama

If you are unable to concentrate on your work then do nine rounds of river purification pranayama and meditate ten minutes after that. Pulse resection pranayama is in harmony with the right and left side of the brain and focuses the mind. You will get full experience in yoga in Rishikesh. ….

Do the yoga pranayama that is told to you by the Naturopathy Center Rishikesh, do not try to do anything different.
Pay attention – Pranayam keeps our subtle life force. Therefore, they should be done as taught in your yoga class. It is not appropriate to experiment with them.

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